Pablo Picasso Portrait - Charcoal - 18"x24" (*NFS)
PLEASE NOTICE: The artist is currently working on other projects, and is not taking portrait commissions at this time. Please check this notice again in April of 2019 for any updates.

Commissioned Portraits are available in size 00" x 00" - $000.00
All portraits are created in charcoal on 80lb., archival quality paper. Portraits are of head and shoulders, and are drawn from copies of your black and white, or color photographs.

Approved portraits are sealed by a clear, matte fixative spray to prevent smudging after completion, and cannot be reworked later.

Portraits are shipped by U.S. Mail, and rolled in a sturdy tube for protection. Shipping is included in portrait price. Please allow up to 8 weeks for completion, and delivery.

*Not For Sale

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Portraits for Sale
Celebrity portraits (recognizable faces) were created to be used as examples for commissioned portraits, and are not usually for sale. Updated samples are in the works, so many of the older, unframed portraits are currently available for purchase by mail order. Prices includes shipping. 6% Ky Sales Tax ($99.00 w/tax total $104.94). Portraits are unframed.

Princess Diana, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

Lucille Ball, 18"x24", B/W/ Charcoal, $99.00

Tina Turner, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, 16"x20", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

Albert Einstein, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, SOLD

Oprah Winfrey, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

Elizabeth Montgomery, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, SOLD

Little Richard, 18"x24", B/W Charcoal, $99.00

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